Advanced Wind Turbine Monitoring

It has been a mystery that the engineers in general have been able to detect worn or damaged machinery simply by using the sense of hearing! Until now the industry hasn´t been able to develop a solution that outperforms the sense of hearing by the machine engineers!

OrtoSense has succeeded in developing an innovative and advanced technology based
on APPA (Auditory Perceptual Pulse Analysis)

The patented technology outperforms the human ear by capturing a detailed interference pattern i.e capable of detecting even the smallest indication of damaged or worn elements within the machine/turbine.
Therefore OrtoSense patented technology represents the following values for our customers:

  • 4 to 10 time more sensitive compared to prevailing systems.
  • Early warning of abnormal vibrations.
  • Ability to optimize and schedule service and maintenance.
  • Increase reliance and operational efficiency.
  • Increase return of investment.